China - Wuhan, Hubei Province

Our company has engaged in MDF/HDF business over a long time, and we have exported our products to the whole world all years round. We can provide following sizes: No. Size (mm) Thickness Formaldehyde Emission Density 1 1220x2440 2.5-30mm E1 & E 2 Degree 680-820 kg/m3 (+/- 5%) 2 2745x3660 4.75-22mm 3 2745x4100 4.75-22mm 4 2745x1830 4.75-22mm 5 2745x2100 4.75-22mm 6 2440x3660 4.75-22mm 7 2440x4100 4.75-22mm 8 1830x2440 2.5-6mm 9 1830x3660 16mm E1 & E 2 Degree 720 kg/m3 (+/- 5%) 10 1830x5490 16mm 11 1830x2800 9-25mm E1 & E 2 Degree 680-820 kg/m3 (+/- 5%) Note: (1) Size 2745x3660/4100mm, can be divided into (1830+915) x3660/4100mm. (2) Size 2440x3660/4100mm, can be divided into (1830+610) x3660/4100mm. (3) Size 1830x5490mm, can be divided into 1830x (3660+1830) mm. We have world top-rank Dieffenbacher & Siempelkamp continuous press and technology to guarantee the excellent quality and physical mechanical performance for our products. Meanwhile, we have best Chinese production lines to meet customers’ demand for the medium-quality level MDF/HDF. We can provide 10000 m3 each month. Re: About the payment terms We have adopted flexible payment methods–;–;- we can accept L/C at sight and also Usance L/C, and we can arrange immediate delivery within 25 days after we receive the L/C.     Besides, we also supply other wooden products, such as melamine MDF/HDF, door skin and etc. Please feel free to contact us at: DFM WOOD Import and export department ADD: 1101 Ocean Plaza, No.1, Hongkong Road, Wuhan, P.R China. Post code: 430019 Tel: 0086-27- 82441300 (direct line) / 82440700 / 82440900 Fax: 0086-27-82441077 Mobile: 0086-13707193260 E-mail: Info@dfmwood.com MSN: sabrina_hyj@hotmail.com MSN: Samantha.wen@hotmail.com Yahoo Messenger: Sabrina_hyj@yahoo.com SKYPE: Sabrina-dfmwood Best wishes, Sabrina Hu

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Sale ( wood )
MDF board، veneer

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