KST & Co., Ltd.

Taiwan - Taiwan

Field of Activity:
Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)
Kraft Paper، Kraft Linerboard ، Duplex Board، Testliner Paper، fluting Paper

Trading Company ، Manufacturer ، Distributor

Paper and Wood Machinery
Corrugated Machinery، Cardboard Machinery، Punching and Binding System، Packaging Machinery
Corrugator Corrugated Cardboard Making Eqiupment
1600-2500mm with speed of 120/min to 220m/min is available
Flexo Printer Slotter
Auto type and semi-auto type
Corrugated Box making & Processing machinery
All kinds of corrugated box making equipment is supplied
Test Liner Paper and Kraft Liner Board
125-175gsm Test Liner, 175-230gsm Kraft Liner Board
Corrugating medium paper (fluting paper)
100-200gsm (100% recycled)

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