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Paper and Wood Machinery
Packaging Machinery ، Packaging Machinery Parts، test machine
tensile strength tester
This equipment designed and manufactured according (paper and paper tensile strength tester (Constant speed loading method).Applying in testing the paper, cardboard’s tensile, tensile strength ,stretch rate etc .
This machine is designed according to the theory of people’s visible temporary memory while flash frequency synchronizes with the image of moving object. It can directly have an observation about the image and avoid causing the infidelity of color.
Smoothness Meter
The meter is designed according to measuring (Buick method) of GB/T456-1989 paper and cardboard smoothness and it is applied to measure smoothness of paper and cardboard, but not proper to measure the sheet above 0.5mm or with freer air permeability.
Thickness Tester
The tester is applying to test the thickness of flat sheet specimens. It measures up to the standard of paper and cardboard thickness testing method---ISO534, ISO438
Bursting Tester
The tester is the basic instrument for testing the performance of paper and cardboard.When the specimen is bursted, the tester stores automatically the maximum of bursting strength.

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