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Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)
Wrapping Paper، A4 Printing Paper، Photo Paper، printing paper

Buy ( Paper And Cardboard)
Wrapping Paper، A4 Printing Paper، Photo Paper، printing paper، Recycled Paper ، waste papers

Sale ( wood )
Hotel Furniture، Home Furniture، Office Furniture ، MDF board

Buy ( wood )
plywood ، MDF board، veneer

Trading Company ، Agent ، Manufacturer

Paper and Wood Machinery
Paper Processing Machinery، Wood Processing Machinery، Printing Machinery ، Paper cutters Machinery

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Company Brief
Shanghai Canhu Industry Co., Ltd. is professionally engaged in the manufacture of decorative board. In recent years, Canhu has always devoted themselves to the research, development and manufacture of decorative board, and has developed a brand of “Canhu” in the market. We have a completed process that from the collection of raw material to the manufacture of the products with advanced equipments and excellent technicians, so the quality of the products is superior. Your advice is the best support to us. Yikang always insists on the road of development and innovation for the more comfortable and healthy life of the people, pursuing the good combination of nature and art. The product structure of the company has increased many series of embossing, double-lock, extra heavy type, thickening type, mirror plane, V-type numeral floor board and solid wood piano painting board from the former single type of crystallization. Its quality can compared with the imported products. So, please believes that we have ability to follow the trend of the age to design the excellent decorative board.

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