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Xiamen Hengweizhi Import & Export Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of wooden products. In addition, we have established a big building-decoration supermarket in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. Our joint venture covers a land area of 35,000 square meters, with more than 280 staff in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. Our factory has received ISO9001 certificate. Now about 90% of our products are sold in the domestic market and only 10% have been sold in America, Canada, South Africa and Taiwan. In order to enlarge our selling network around the world, we have adjusted the management policy. Our principle of persistent developing is "Based on the good processing experience and abundant funds, make great efforts to extend out export percentage." Please contact us if you would like more information about our company as well as our products and services. We sincerely hope to establish partnerships with you

Field of Activity:
Sale ( wood )
Home Furniture، plywood، MDF board، veneer، chipboard
particle board
Particle board is produced by combining sawdust and other waste wood with a special resin. This slurry of wood chips and glue is then pressed through an extrusion machine to form long sheets of particle board. Customized saws cut these sheets into various sizes according to the needs of the customer. Manufacturers of inexpensive home furnishings such as shelving, entertainment centers and bookcases often use particle board for their do-it-yourself kits. Particle board has some positive aspects. Waste wood materials can be recycled to form a useful product, and consumers can purchase inexpensive alternatives to high-end cabinets and shelves. Depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the resin, particle board can be surprisingly durable. Particle board may not be able to withstand stress as well as hardwood products, but it performs well enough for light duty projects such as closet shelving or portable cabinetry. Particle board Features: Dimensions: 4 x 8' or custom Thickness: 5 - 18mm UF, E2 glue Uses: indoor decoration of houses, manufacture of furniture
MDF is a type of hardboard which is made from wood fibres glued under heat and pressure. MDF has many qualities that make it an ideal alternative to plywood or chipboard. It is dense, flat, stiff, has no knots and is easily machined. Its fine particles provide a material without a recognisable"grain). Unlike plywood and blockboar, MDF contains no internal voids, and will produce better edges providing that it is correctly machined. Application: Furniture, shelving, laminate flooring, decorative moulding and doors. Builders value MDF for its insular qualities in sound and heat. Also, it can be nailed, glued, screwed, stapled, or attached with dowels, making it as versatile as plank wood. B. Particle board Triturate timber remains, small logs and scraps and dry the powder. Add proper glue and hardener and press the powder at a certain temperature to.produce MDF board. Features: Large size, smooth surface, even texture. No vegetal weakness, good sound and heat insulation. MEDIUM DENSITY FIBER Features: Dimensions: 4 x 8' or customized Thickness: 9 - 25mm UF E2 glue Application: indoor decoration of houses, manufacture of furniture Double sides sanding
shuttering board
Javor shuttering panel enables: - simple - quick - economic - quality - and repeated preparation of concreting formwork. Characteristics: Wood: spruce/fir Structure: three crosswise glued layers with a perimetrical frame in the middle layer Thickness*: 21, 27, 30 mm Width*: 500 mm Length: 970, 1000, 1500, 1970, 2000, 2500 and 3000 mm Glue: water and alkali-resistant (AW100) Packing*: package prepared for loading with a forklift Maintenance: shuttering panels need to be coated by shuttering oil before each application in order to ease depaneling and prolong the application of panels * We are prepared to fulfil customers' wishes by agreement. Modern technology, many years' production experience and highly skilled staff ensure the high quality of our panels. Shuttering Boards Features: Dimensions (W x L x T): 50 x (197 - 250) x (2.1 - 3.6)cm 2) Material: fir Used in building construction
PLYWOOD Features: Dimensions: 4 x 8' or custom tailor Thickness: 3-30mm iMR E1, E2 glue environmentally friendly glue Materials: poplar, lauan ,Meranti,Radiata pine,Hardwood Double sides sanding Uses: indoor decoration of houses, manufacture of furniture

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