Al Naga For Import&Export

Netherlands - Netherlands

We are an international Dutch paper Company which working in paper stocks

Field of Activity:
Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)
Corrugated board، Single facers، Kraft Paper، Kraft Linerboard ، Fancy Paper، Ribbed Kraft Paper، Wrapping Paper، Adhesive Paper، Duplex Board، A4 Printing Paper، Photo Paper، Tissue Paper، printing paper، Testliner Paper، fluting Paper، Sack kraft Paper، Newsprint، paper for digital prinitng، Recycled Paper ، pulp، waste papers

Trading Company
We can offer you the following products with very competitive prices , Please advise through our direct email :
LWC offset gloss + satin GREY BOARD /WOODFREE COATED IN REELS WF basepaper unctd 1-s ctd offgrade transition Kraftliner Brown Envelope Kraft Recycled Brown Wrapping Paper Creped Kraft Bleached Greaseproof Black Center Board Waxed Kraft Brown kraft MF virgin Mechanical Bookpaper Bleached kraft Testliner Fluting White top testliner Brown kraft Coloured Paper WF basepaper (Near) WF 2-s coated Labelpaper LWC offset gloss silk WOODFREE COATED IN REELS Newsprint Bl. Greaseproof, prime sideruns Bleached Kraft Bleached Kraft Light MG WF 1-s ctd WF 2-s ctd Liners . WF Standard newsprint Mechanical basepaper var.gsm var.widths WF offset var.gsm var.widths LWC offset var.gsm var.widths Kraft Decor Duplex Board Recycled envelope kraft MG Brown Cover paper File Folder Kraft Waxed Treated Kraft light yellow offset PRIME SIDERUN Wf copier 75 cm Newsprint 45 grams Recycling envelope kraft

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