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Weili flow meter factory has 20+ years experience in manufacturing and designing all types of flow meters.and congratulation to you, you do the best choice to find us, Weili was verified supplier in China, its complete quality - control system for flow meters was certified by TUV according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in 2017. Weili group have 5 companies,Henan weili international trading co., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaifeng weili flow instrument co.,LTD.We manufactured electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter,metal rotameter, ultrasonic heat meter, water meter and sold in 1998,production per year is 150,000 pcs,35+ special workers for heat meter,3000 m2 workshop, calibrate equipment from DN6-DN2200mm,traceable calibration certificate according to ISO 17025 or ISO 9001:2015 and calibration self-verification, sold all over the countries.

Field of Activity:
Electromagnetic flow meter
A magnetic flow meter is a volumetric flow meter that does not have any moving parts. It is ideal for wastewater applications or any dirty liquid which is conductive or water based. Magnetic flow meters are also ideal for applications where low-pressure dro‌p and low maintenance are required.
Turbine flow meter
A turbine flow meter is constructed with rotor and blades that use the mechanical energy of the fluid to rotate the rotor in the flow stream. Blades on the rotor are angled to transform energy from the flow stream into rotational energy. The rotor shaft spins on bearings: when the fluid moves faster, the rotor spins proportionally faster. Shaft rotation can be sensed mechanically or by detecting the movement of the rotor blades.
Vortex flow meter
A vortex flow meter is a flow measurement device best suited for flow measurements where the introduction of moving parts presents problems. They are available in industrial grade, brass or all plastic construction. Sensitivity to variations in the process conditions are low and with no moving parts have relatively low wear compared to other types of flow meters.
Orifice plate
The orifice plate flow meter is commonly used in clean liquid, gas, and steam services. It is available for all pipe sizes but it is very cost-effective for measuring flows in larger ones (over 6" diameter). The orifice plate is also approved by many organizations for custody transfer of liquids and gases.
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