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HENAN BEYNOST TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a professional supplier of customized paper machine clothing, industrial fabrics and filter belts to the paper making, waste water treatment, sludge dewatering and tailings filtration for mining industry etc, benost produce a range of forming fabrics, dryer fabrics, press fabrics, filter belts for paper board production,nonwoven industry, waste water treatment, we provide high quality and cheaper price to meet every customer requirement around the world.

Field of Activity:
Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)
Corrugated board، Kraft Paper، Kraft Linerboard ، Ribbed Kraft Paper، Wrapping Paper، A4 Printing Paper، Tissue Paper، printing paper، Sack kraft Paper، Newsprint، Recycled Paper ، pulp، carbonless paper

Trading Company ، Manufacturer

Paper and Wood Machinery
Paper Processing Machinery Parts، Packaging Machinery Parts، Woodworking Machinery Parts، Printing Machinery Parts

Household & Sanitary Paper
Diapers ، Adult Diapers ، Facial Tissue، Paper Napkins & Serviettes، Toilet Tissue ، Wet Wipes
Forming Fabrics––Paper Machine Clothing
single forming fabrics, 1.5 layer forming fabrics,double layer forming fabrics, 2.5 layer forming fabrics, triple forming fabrics.
dryer fabrics
woven dryer fabrics, spiral dryer fabrics.
press belt
press filter belts.
nonwoven mesh belt
spunbond nonwoven mesh belt, spunlace nonwoven mesh belt, hot air nonwoven mesh belt.
Filter fabrics
Sludge dewatering fabrics, press filter belts, Desulfurization Fabrics

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