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we are the manufacturer of paper and packaging testing equipment,specialzied in this field for many year.

Field of Activity:

Paper and Wood Machinery
test machine
crush tester
can be used to do RCT,ECT FCT ,PAT,CMT&CCT test
burst tester
Mullen burst tester is the basic instrument for testing the anti-bursting degree of paper and cardboard. It uses high precision sensors. With data processing, the data can be directly obtained , and can automatically reset.It has the advantage of easy operation, easy adjustment, stable performance,which make it become the essential instrument for papermaking ,packing, inspection and research.
box compression tester
Box compression tester is the essential testing equipment to test the compressive strength of carton box.Adopted high precise sensor,ARM chip,with powerful data processing function, test process automatic tracking, the testing result is automatic recording, real-time display test data and curve, and can communicate with computer. Touch-screen display make the instrument easy to operate,good appearance,and quick response. platen size can be customized according to your max carton size
tensile tester
it's used to test the tensile force, tensile strength, fracture length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, 180 °peel strength ,tensile energy absorption index of paper ,paperboard,plastic film,and other nonmetal material.
brightness tester
ZB-A brightness color tester is the professional instrument to test the object of the whiteness ,yellowness,chromatic aberration,opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient,optical absorption coefficient, and ink absorption value.It is widely applied in paper, cardboard, textile, painting ,chemical building materials, plastic , cement ,food, salt, ceramics cosmetic etc.

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