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“Abash” Ltd. – a young, dynamic, Belarusian company, located in Minsk, producing and selling forest of conifers and hardwood lumber, wood-based panels, lumber and wood of various species. In addition, our company carries out repairs of cranes and other lifting equipment, as well as various technological equipment.<;br />;<;br />;We carry a complete list of timber and lumber products from wood such as spruce, pine, alder, birch, aspen, oak, beech, hornbeam, ash, and many others. Extensive warehouse and multi woodworking shop, with convenient access roads and all the necessary equipment, allow us to provide significant volumes of production and sales of the entire range of our products.

Field of Activity:
Sale ( wood )
Log wood، Timber، plywood، chipboard

Buy ( wood )
Timber، plywood ، MDF board، chipboard، Log wood

Trading Company ، Manufacturer
Board – a kind of timber, to a thickness of 100 mm and a width less than double thickness, made from logs or boards. Widely used in furniture industry, production of container and construction.

Depending on propylene edges, the board is divided into edged and unedged board. Eaves have the edge perpendicular to the seams and edging board is partially or edge. Also, the boards treated to a strictly specified size and dried, is called calibrated board. By the method of drying the boards are divided into freshly sawn, dry and natural humidity.
wooden bar
Bar – a timber, up to 100 mm and a width of not more than 200 mm. If the thickness of the timber exceeds 100 mm, it is no longer wood rods, beams and widely used in building. The wooden bar is, for the most part, finds its application in furniture manufacture.
Timbers (beam)
Timbers (beam) – a kind of lumber having a cross-section of more than 50 mm, and are made from different types of wood logs. Wooden beams, along with other types of lumber, found a very wide use in the furniture industry, construction and manufacturing.

Depending on longitudinal surfaces, timbers made double, triple and uses a four. For example, the treated timber, which handled all four longitudinal sides, called a four. Also, our company produces a calibrated timber – is dried and treated to a strictly defined size wooden beams. Depending on the processing, distinguish shaped, round and non-profiled timber.
Batten – a kind of timber, the section which does not exceed 50 mm, used in construction and furniture industries. Battens can have a square or rectangular cross-section and preferably made from pine, although it may be made from other types of wood.

Price batten depends on the degree of humidity, section, wood, processing, and is determined on an individual basis, therefore, on the acquisition of wooden slats, please contact our commercial department.
Plywood – a multi-layered wood material manufactured by gluing a pre-arranged wood veneer. The number of layers of veneer usually odd – three or more. To increase the strength of plywood veneer layers are applied so that the fibers of the wood fibers were perpendicular to the previous layer.

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