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Being located in Lujiang county, Anhui province, a famous historical city facing the well-known beautiful Chao Lake, one of the top five Chinese fresh lakes, covering 45, 000 sq. M, Anhui Astromagnets Co., Ltd belongs to a social welfare-type, energy-saving and environmental-protecting enterprise now, which built in 2006. Its former name is Dongguan Huien Magnets Co., Ltd setting up in the MID 90s of last century in Dongguan, China. Through over 10 years of step-by-step hard working under the purpose of something attemped, Something done. Dongguan Huien achieved in successfully developing both big output and turnover at high speed, in keeping long-term friendly business relations with hundreds of customers from Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan and Europe, America, etc. Presently being specialized in producing and distributing various kinds of Magnetic products including NdFeB, Permanent Ferrite, SmCo & AlNiCo, Flexible and Jewel Magnets for which five big-scale workshops are responsible respectively, already approved by ISO9001 and ISO14001, fully equipped with the world-class advanced production lines and high-extact & high-tech inspecting instruments, additionally converged 10 national-class magnetic experts working in different contrivance such as R & D, production, equipment maintenance dept. And service dept. etc., Anhui Astromagnets Co., Ltd has been in the front rank of Chinese magnet lines. Therefore, under our leadership, Lujiang has become the famous production and distributing center of various kinds of magnetic products in Anhui province. We warmly welcome all esteemed customers around the world to visit us, to make business negotiation and to reach our common ideal goal. Quality First, Customers important, we stand by forever. We enjoy our work and are confident that you';ll enjoy working with us!

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