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we are manufacturing core board, gray board, gypsum board paper, testliner and fluting in th kahramanmaras turkiye

Field of Activity:
Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)
Corrugated board، Single facers، Kraft Paper، Kraft Linerboard ، Fancy Paper، Ribbed Kraft Paper، Wrapping Paper، Adhesive Paper، Duplex Board، A4 Printing Paper، Photo Paper، Tissue Paper، printing paper، Testliner Paper، fluting Paper، Sack kraft Paper، Newsprint، paper for digital prinitng، Recycled Paper ، pulp، waste papers، carbonless paper، bristol board، glassine paper

Trading Company ، Agent ، Manufacturer ، Distributor ، Consulting Companies

Paper and Wood Machinery
Paper Processing Machinery، Paper cutters Machinery، Paper Processing Machinery Parts، Paper Product Making Machinery، Packaging Machinery ، Packaging Machinery Parts

Household & Sanitary Paper
Diapers ، Adult Diapers ، Facial Tissue، Paper Napkins & Serviettes، Toilet Tissue ، Wet Wipes
100-300 gr testliner. 500 ton/day capacity
80-270 gr fluting 300 ton/day capacity
Gypsum Board Paper
120-200 gr gypsum board paper 500 ton/day capacity
Core board
250-400 gr core board . 300 ton/day capacity
Gray Board
250-400 gr gray board. 500 ton/day capacity

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