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Good day We are a trading company located in Egypt interested in<;br />; (( paper stocklots ))<;br />;would you please informing us about the available paper stocklots you can provide <;br />;and your full contact details <;br />;thanks<;br />;yours<;br />;Ahmed Derbala<;br />;purchasing manager<;br />;Solid for general supply<;br />;10th of ramadan city <;br />;Sinco mall 4th floor office 14<;br />;Shrakia<;br />;Egypt <;br />;tel \ viber 00201221263918<;br />;tel \ 00201061261729<;br />;email

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Buy ( Paper And Cardboard)
Single facers، Kraft Paper، Fancy Paper، Ribbed Kraft Paper، Wrapping Paper، Duplex Board، Tissue Paper، printing paper، Sack kraft Paper، Newsprint ، Adhesive Paper، carbonless paper، bristol board، glassine paper

Trading Company ، Agent ، Manufacturer ، Distributor ، Buying Office ، Others ، Consulting Companies

Paper and Wood Machinery
Paper Processing Machinery، Wood Processing Machinery، Pulp Machinery، Corrugated Machinery، Cardboard Machinery، Second hand Machinery، Printing Machinery ، Paper cutters Machinery، Paper Processing Machinery Parts، Paper Product Making Machinery، Packaging Machinery ، Packaging Machinery Parts، Woodworking Machinery ، Woodworking Machinery Parts، Printing Machinery Parts ، test machine، power tools

Promotion Gifts ، Crafts Gifts
purchasing manager

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