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We are professional manufacturer of paper machine clothings and other polyester mesh products:Our products include:forming fabric,dryer fabric,papermaking felts, polyester shrink cover fabric,polyester spiral dryer fabrics, polyester spiral press filter belt,sludge dewatering fabrics,polyester linear screen and so on.<;br />;<;br />;Our products are of the characters of acidproof and alkaliproof, high temperature resistance , good ventilation property, stable structure ect. We pay great attention to R&D and offer OEM service. <;br />;<;br />;Huatao Paper Machine Fabric Factory <;br />;mail:<;br />;Skype: huatao04 <;br />;

Field of Activity:
Trading Company ، Manufacturer

Paper and Wood Machinery
Paper Processing Machinery Parts
Paper Making Forming Fabric
Paper Making Forming Fabrics

Synthetic Forming Fabric, Forming Mesh, Paper Machine Forming Fabric, Paper Making Fabric, Paper mill Fabric.

General specification of Forming Fabrics:
Types Of Forming Fabrics Wires We Provide Single layer
Double layer
Triple layer SSB

Life Of Forming Fabrics Wire Running life of three to six months
Depends on a number of parameters like
Rolls cambering with surface finish
Function Of Forming Fabric Wire Drainage : The fabric must drain large volume of water in a short span of time. A large amount of water (94 - 96%) can be removed at wire part
Support : The Fabric must support the fibres on the surface to form the sheet of paper.
Transport : The fabric must transport the sheet from the head box to press section.
Sludge Dewatering Belt
1.Polyester fabric for printing and dying intorduction:

Polyester fabric is mianly used in all kind industries as dryer fabric.The polyester fabric has charateristics of stable property and waterproof.

1) High strength,can stand high work strength
2) Acid,alkali risistance,corrosion resistance
3) Shrink-resistant,Heat resistance under 180 degress
4)Good air permeability,non-revealed sludge,clean easily
5) Smooth surface,uniform opening
6) Waterproof
7) Tear resistance
1) Used in sewage treatment factories.

2) For papermaking processing
3) Medicine industry

4) dying industry

5) Dried fruit industry
Firecrackers lead paper felt
Firecrackers lead paper felt

Firecrackers lead paper is a special tissue paper to produce leads firecrackers lead , usually made of 100% wood pulp in the rotary cylinder paper machine .

Firecrackers lead paper felt is designed for the production of firecrackers lead paper , it is made of special high-strength synthetic filament and wool yarn blended together with twist for the warp, weft with blended wool yarn for weaving fabric ,

it is completed after fulling, washing , napping, drying and other procedures . The company has developed a new generation of products .

Having the characteristics of fine and smooth, soft, good filterability, easy to clean, good elasticity, long life and other advantages.

The size of felts is provided by the customer , the felt weight is 670g/m 2.
asbestos cement felts/ Fibre-Cement Felt/Asbestos Blanket
Fibre-Cement Felt/Asbestos Blanket / asbestos cement felts

Specification :

Length range :8.0-50m (15-35m common specifications)
Width range :1.0-2 .5 m (1.5-1.6m common specifications)
Weight range :1100-1800g/m2
Thickness: 4.0-5.0 mm
Material: 100%Nylon

Permeability: 90-110cfm
Tensile Strength: 3200 N/cm
Tensile Deformation: Elongation 2% Width shrinkage 2%

Fiber Cement Felt/Asbestos Blankets are also known as asbestos cement felts and used for making asbestos sheets and pipes.
Density: 1100g/m2-1800g/m2
1. Good dehydration

2. long life time: service life, reduce downtime for blanket time, reduce production costs into .
3. Low compressibility
4. withstand greater pressure, not easily compressed, pressure loss.
5. good dimensional stability
6. good flatness
Polyester Woven Dryer Fabric for Paper Making
Woven Dryer Fabric/Dryer Fabric/Dryer Screen

Paper Machine Dryer Fabric, Paper making Fabric, Woven Dryer Fabric.

Descreiption of Drying Fabric:
Range Woven Dryer Screen
Woven Dryer Screen (Monofilament) - Round Yarn
Woven Dryer Screen (Monofilament) - Flat Yarn - Heat Resistant
Spiral Dryer Screens (SLDF)
Small spiral (SLDF)
Middle spiral (SLDF)
Large spiral (SLDF)

Functions Of Dryer Fabric Heat Transfer
Number of Contact Points
Fabric Tension
Mass Transfer
Sheet Support
Aerodynamic Properties
Drying Process Control
Paper Quality
Silent Drive
Dimensional $Structural Stability

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