Hebei Nanrui Filtration Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.

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Hebei Nanrui is a enterprise that make woven wire mesh and filter mesh parts,we have four workshops now and including 38 equipments for make the products. Our products include: stainless steel wire mesh,brass wire mesh,bronze wire mesh,bronze wire mesh,Monel wire mesh,aluminum wire mesh,bee keeping mesh,filtration wire mesh,filter mesh cylinders,stainless steel mesh discs,wedge wire screen,Johnson screen,sintered wire mesh,sintered filter elements. Filtration wire mesh and wedge wire screen are wildly used in precision pressure filter,oil,gas and water separation,chemical industry,food industry and machine parts. Making high quality woven wire mesh is our aim and we comply with this aim always get more and more clients from all over the world.We accept custom filter cylinders,discs,caps,any shape wire mesh filter if you have drawings. Welcome to visit our factory,you can feel much that our quality control,fast delivery,good service and the profession.

Field of Activity:
Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)
printing paper


Paper and Wood Machinery
Pulp Machinery، Printing Machinery
stainless steel screen printing mesh
Stainless Steel Printing Screen Mesh Material are SUS304N, 304HP,316L.It is used in printing solar cell,display device,circuit board,glass,cigarette case,ceramics,ruber and plastic.<;br />;Weave Type: Plain Weave<;br />;Advantages:<;br />;High tension than the polyester mesh<;br />;Superior high precision<;br />;Abrasion resistant<;br />;No static<;br />;Solvent resistance<;br />;<;br />;Specifications: <;br />;Width: 40" , 48" <;br />;Length: 30 meters

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