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Jinhua Brother Doors Co., Ltd is an integrating enterprise with production, manufacturing, processing,sales and rearch & development, which specializes in melamine door skins, moulded door skins, melamine doors, moulded doors, etc. With first-class equipments, professional technicians and people-oriented scientific management, our company constantly develops new products under the premise of guaranteeing its products in high quality and constantly development, also following the high quality with competitive price business policy, our goods are accepted and appreciated by our domestic and foreign customers. Our products have passed the inspection of the general administration of quality supervision and inspection, with the quality in accordance with the international standard of interior decoration materials. At present, we have 10 production lines, annually possess of over one 1,000,000 pieces door skin, and more than 300,000 pieces interior doors. Under the precondition of successfully accepted by South American, the African, and Middle-East market, our next half year ';s aim is to enter into the European Union and North American market with the CE certificate. Warmly welcome customers from all over the world to join us and make our company to be a large international door skin manufacturer in the near future. Eric Jinhua Brother Doors Industrial Co., Ltd email: sales@brotherdoors.com MSN: brotherdoors@hotmail.com skype: brotherdoors Tel: 0086-579-82193337 Mobile phone: 0086-13957964306 Fax: 0086-579-82180065 Address: Xin';an cun, Duohu town, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province, China www.brotherdoors.com

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Sale ( wood )
MDF board

melamine door skins
1). advantage: mould the solid wood fiber to be raised panel under high temperature and pressure with advance technology. Waterproof, no warping, no deformation, no delamination, fire-retardant, noise deadening, abrasion and scratch resistance. Green products with no need of painting. Elegant veneer makes it fresh and classic.<;br />;<;br />;2). finishing: melamine film<;br />;<;br />;3). specifications: length: 1850-2150mm<;br />;<;br />; width: 620-1050mm<;br />;<;br />; thickness: 4.5mm<;br />;<;br />;tolerance: length/width less than 2.0mm, thickness less than 0.1mm<;br />;<;br />;4). packing: wrapped with shrink film and then on palettes<;br />;<;br />;5). technology parameters:<;br />;<;br />;a) density: above 920kg/cbm<;br />;<;br />;b) moisture: 5-10%<;br />;<;br />;c) water absorption rate: less than 28%<;br />;<;br />;d) modulus of elasticity: less than 40MPa<;br />;<;br />;6). patterns: many kinds of designs<;br />;<;br />;7). melamine type: walnut, pine, teak, maple, oak, beech, cherry, pear, silver aluminum, apple, fruit tree, etc.
veneer door skins
Type of veneer: Ebony, Wenge, Zebrawood, ELM, Silver Walnut, Black Apricot, Violet Apricot, White Oak, Sapele, Bubingga, Blue Wenge, Chinese Brich, Teakwood, Cherry, Walnut, Padnut, Padouk, Ash, Oak, Teak, Okuma, Beech, Maple. <;br />;1). Engineered veneer is known as a reconstituted timber / veneer. It';s made of fast-growing natural species on plantation. With the certain process of CAD and dyeing, reconstitution, de-bug treatment and pressing, a new high quality and technology product "engineered timber / veneer"is created. <;br />;2). Size: <;br />;Height: 1850-2150mm <;br />;Width: 580-1050mm <;br />;Thickness: 3.0~3.2mm <;br />;3). a) Density: Above 0.90g/cm3 <;br />; b) Moisture: 7% <;br />; c) Water absorption rate: <;;28% <;br />; d) Length tolerance: <;;2.0mm <;br />; e) Width tolerance: <;;2.0mm <;br />; f) Thickness tolerance: <;;0.1mm <;br />; g) Modulus of elasticity: <;;40Mpa <;br />;4).Packing: wrapped with shrink film and then on pallets
white primer door skins
Dimensions<;br />; 2150x (600 - 1050) x 3.2mm<;br />; <;br />;Thickness tolerance<;br />; <;;0.2mm<;br />; <;br />;Size tolerance<;br />; <;;2mm<;br />; <;br />;Density<;br />; 880-960Kgs/m3<;br />; <;br />;Moisture<;br />; <;;5-10%<;br />; <;br />;Water absorption rate<;br />; <;;25%<;br />; <;br />;Modulus of elasticity<;br />; <;;40Mpa<;br />; <;br />;<;br />; <;br />;<;br />;1) Door Skin Pattern: Many kinds of designs,such as 1panel,2 panel, 4 panel, 5 panel, 6 panel ,9panel,Oval ,etc.(Customize are available)<;br />;<;br />; <;br />;<;br />;2) Finising: White primer coating.<;br />;<;br />; <;br />;<;br />;3) Door Skin Packing: Wrapped with shrink film and then on pallets.<;br />;<;br />; <;br />;<;br />;4) Door Skin Loading Quantity: 3600PCS/20FCL<;br />;<;br />; <;br />;<;br />;5) Advantage: Mould the solid wood fibre to be raised panel under high temperature and pressure with advanced technology. No shrink, no split, great compatibility.

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