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Winsor paper link is a professional company devote to paper and packaging field. The company was established in 2008 and has become one of the most famous suppliers of paper and packaging machinery as well as related printing consumables with rich experiences, scientific management, as well as cordiality and well credit. we are specializing packaging paper, Kraft liner paper, Fluting , Test liner paper, White top linerboard and Coated white top linerboard etc. as well as export trading business from mainland of China. Meanwhile, we have very voluminous Chinese paper suppliers information and commit to provide best quality paper and best service to worldwide customers. Winsor paper link employed 3 experience experts who working in this field for almost 10 years. And they are in good relationship with many famous paper suppliers in China. As the users of our imported products were encouraged us to offer them other products as Packaging Machineries and Accessories which are related to paper and boards to complete the circle of packaging and fulfill the packaging requirements. Ultimately our company decided to extend our activities and established a new line of business, which are offering and exporting the machineries , parts and accessories for those activities. Our main products are Pulps producing machineries, Paper producing machineries, Corrugated production line and parts, Corrugate converting machineries, Winsor paper link is able to handle for your tailor-made requirements, designing exclusive projects for your company. Give you professional suggestion on corrugating packaging field. Our slogan: One Stop Service and win-win. Choose Winsor paper link, then do not need to find any others packaging supplier in China. You will find nearly everything you need with good quality and better price as well as best customer service.

Field of Activity:
Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)
Corrugated board، Single facers، Kraft Paper، Kraft Linerboard ، Wrapping Paper، Duplex Board، A4 Printing Paper، Testliner Paper، fluting Paper، Recycled Paper ، pulp، waste papers

Trading Company ، Agent ، Manufacturer

Paper and Wood Machinery
Paper Processing Machinery، Pulp Machinery، Corrugated Machinery، Cardboard Machinery، Second hand Machinery، Printing Machinery ، Paper cutters Machinery، Paper Processing Machinery Parts، Packaging Machinery ، Packaging Machinery Parts، Printing Machinery Parts ، test machine
High Strength Corrugating Medium
a.Grammage: 65gsm, 75gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 110gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm b.Ring Crush:4.8 ~9.0 N.m/g c.Water dro‌p :40~50 Seconds d.Moisture:8±2%
Test Linerboard
a. Grammage: 100gsm, 110gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm b.Burst Strength:2.3~2.4 Kpa.m2/g c.Ring Crush :6.0 ~7.0 N.m/g d:Cobb Size60: Top/Btm Max: 50/90 Seconds e:Smoothness: Min: 7 Seconds f.Moisture: : 8±2%
Kraft Linerboard
a. Grammage: 110gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm,250gsm b.Burst Strength:2.3~3.0Kpa.m2/g c.Ring Crush : 7.0~9.5N.m/g d.Cobb Size60: Top/Btm Max: 50/80 Seconds e.Smoothness: Min: 7 Seconds f.Moisture: : 8±2%
White Top Linerboard
a: Grammage: 125gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm b. Burst Strength:2.3~2.7Kpa.m2/g c.Ring Crush : 7.5~8.5N.m/g d.Cobb Size60: Top/Btm Max: 50/80 Seconds eBrightness ISO% :72±2% , 80±2% f.Smoothness: Min: 7 Seconds g. Moisture: : 8±2%
Coated White Top Linerboard
a. Grammage: 125gsm, 140gsm, 150gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm, 220gsm b.Brightness ISO% 80±2% c.Gloss %: ≥45 d.Density :0.90~0.95 g/cm3 e. PPS :≤2.0 um f.Surface Absorption( top/ back side): ≤40/100 g/m2 g.Ink Absorption: 15~25% h.Internal Bonding: ≥180 g/m2 i.Moisture: : 7±2% j. IGT Dry Picking: ≥1.0 m/s k.Folding Endurance(CD): ≥25 time l. Ring Crush: 7.5~9.0 N.m/g m.SCT : 2.2~3.4 KN/m n. Burst Index: 2.4~2.6 Kpa.m2/g

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