Area of Specialization : Electronic Stiffness Tester, Smoothness and Porosity Tester, Digester, Electronic Tear Tester, Precision Thickness Micrometer, Digital Brightness Opacity Gloss & Color Meter, Electronic Tensile Tester, Moisture Meter, Electronic Bursting Strength Tester, Printability tester (IGT Type), Automatic Bar Coater, Sheet Formers, Valley Beater, PFI Mill Type Beater, Fibre Classifier, Fluff Tester, Internal Ply Bond Tester, Compression Tester, Digital Air Permeability, Digital Bendsten Smoothness Tester , Short Span Compression Tester etc. Company Profile : Fibretec Instruments was established in 1975 dedicated to design, development, manufacturing & Export of advance Quality Testing Instruments for Pulp, Paper and it’s allied Products. The company had established an unmatched reputation for technical excellence due to, * Indigenous Advance Technology * In-House Advance Research and Development * Sales & Service Network all over the country In PAPEREX 95 our company “FIBRETEC INSTRUMENTS” had been awarded SECOND PRIZE for Concept Design and Technology. The pursuance of total effort and dedication towards indigenization of advance testing instruments for pulp, paper and it’s allied industries, conforms to International Standards. ISO 9001:2000 Certified with UKAS and CE under process.

Field of Activity:
Trading Company ، Manufacturer ، Distributor ، Consulting Companies

Paper and Wood Machinery
Paper Processing Machinery، Pulp Machinery، Corrugated Machinery، Printing Machinery ، Paper Processing Machinery Parts، test machine

Promotion Gifts ، Crafts Gifts، Holiday Gift & Decoration، Key Chain، Photo & Picture Frame، Bamboo & Wooden Crafts
For rapid and accurate measurement of thickness of paper, board and plastics, foils etc. Motorized (Digital) sturdy, easy to use with a single push switch operation. Digital Display with add-on type optical transducer i. With Resolution 0.01 mm. ii. With Resolution 0.001 mm.
For measuring the resistance against tearing of paper, board plastic films, foils and other similar materials. An initial cut is made in a set of test piece which are then torn through a given distance the work done in the test piece is measured as the loss in potential energy of a pendulum which is free to swing on it horizontal axis. A calibrated scale indicate the mean tearing force
Electronic Tensile Tester (Vertical Model, Microcontroller Based) for providing rapid and efficient determination of Tensile Strength, Tensile Index, Breaking Length, Elongation, Elongation %age and Tensile Energy Absorption (TEA) and TEA Index of paper and paperboard on in-built/external printer facility and imported load cell and indigenous DC Drive. Complete with memory for retaining peak value of load, automatic zero setting, overload and over travel protection facilities. Standard Range : 0-50 Kgf or 500 N & also available in other higher ranges. • SINGLE COLUMN BASED • DOUBLE COLUMN BASED
Brightness, & Opacity Tester (ISO) The instrument measures brightness, opacity and color by diffused reflectance according to relevant ISO standards. It gives an instantaneous digital readout, which shows the Brightness, Opacity, Color (Rx, Ry, Rz) and ERIC values of pulp, paper, paperboard, coating agents, filter ,mineral and other similar materials. Made with imported optical. i. Brightness & Opacity Meter ii. Brightness, Opacity & Color Meter iii. Brightness, Opacity & Gloss Meter iv. Brightness, Opacity, Color & Gloss Meter
High precision & best beater for processing pulp prior to information of hand sheets, in order to determine the behavior of pulp when subject to define beating schedule. This beater is ideally suitable for research purpose and routine checking of small quantity of pulp in laboratory. Capacity 5-40 gm of oven dried pulp with consistency of 5-50%, beating time 2-10 minutes depending upon the pulp quality. Beater roll and bed plate independently driven. Roll revolution counter, Variable beating pressure and variable peripheral speed beater roll/housing. i. With manual lifting of beater roll and predetermined Digital Revolution Counter. ii. With pneumatic lifting of beater roll and predetermined Digital Revolution Counter. APPLICABLE STANDARDS: CPPA C7, TAPPI T-248 and ISO 5264-2

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