Happy New Year message from the head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers of Iran

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Dear members of the Syndicate, the esteemed producers and the valuable economic activists in the field of cellulose industries.

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Last year, a lot of pressure was put on the country's industries, especially in the field of raw material supply. Providing raw materials for the survival of production is our main challenge, so we will do our best to make it easy to access.
In the past year, with your help, the syndicate was able to facilitate the import of wastepaper and other raw materials needed for production and to prevent slightly the increase in prices with your cooperation. Also, during numerous correspondences and follow-ups, it prevented the disruption in the production process of other domestically produced papers through tariff shifts. The syndicate was able to take effective steps for the collective benefit of its partners, including manufacturers of paper, auxiliary materials, chemicals, manufacturers of paper machines, suppliers of consumable parts and ... with the trust and empathy of its members. This important issue would not have been possible without your effective presence along with the syndicate.
In the days of 2020, many economic and social damages were inflicted on all our compatriots, and we lost loved ones. Unfortunately, the bad effects of the epidemic became more visible to us this year, and the problems of some of our compatriots became more and more excruciating.
In this way, the empathy and solidarity of economic and social groups, including organizations, chambers of commerce, guilds, etc. played a significant role in reducing some of the difficulties of the people and also solving the collective problems of all producers. However, the continuation of sanctions, natural disasters, the spread of the virus and other unfortunate events put more pressure on the people than their tolerance. In turn, I sincerely thank each and every one of you, dear members and close colleagues, for this unparalleled solidarity and perseverance.
I hope that you will help and accompany the syndicate in the coming year by providing constructive suggestions and your warm and effective presence in symposium meetings, syndicate assemblies and polls to proceed the collective goals and remove barriers to production, as in previous years.
The members of the Board of Directors, the chairmen and the members of the commissions, technical, financial, technological and tax advisors of the syndicate will continue to be at your service in the coming year as much as they can for cooperation and consultation.
With the aim of eliminating the problem of the disease completely in the coming year, we intend to increase synergy and direct participation of members in order to increase production, develop exports, supply the required raw materials and prevent the imports of paper similar to domestically produced papers in addition to solving the specific problems of the units. In this way, we need the help and presence of each of you dear ones as before. We owe our success to your support of the great paper producers and the esteemed members of the syndicate.
On the eve of Nowruz and the beginning of the New Year, on behalf other board members and colleagues located in the secretariat of the syndicate, I wish you a year with health and prosperity.
Abolfazl Roghani Golpayegani – the Chairman of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers of Iran

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