Mr. Azami's Lecture

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The lecture by Mr. Azami, the CEO of the Association of Carton and Corrugated Sheet

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While greeting and welcoming you all respected managers, experts, masters, educated people in paper and packaging industry, and while expressing my condolence to mark the occasion of the Imam Hossein's Martyrdom and asking the permission from the respected audience to take their time for a few minutes, as you are well aware, the major portion of the required paper of the packaging industry as an strategic industry was supplied from foreign countries.
The above mentioned paper covers 80% of the products of the packaging industry (carton) and the mentioned product is used in large industries in areas such as food, pharmaceutical, health, home appliances and agriculture, etc.
Due to the strong dependence that existed and due to the cruel sanctions of foreigners against our beloved country of Iran, the lives of businesses, including the packaging industry, were always threatened.
We faced many problems to supply the raw materials for carton making, which is the main pillar of the country's packaging.
Therefore, in order to break the dependence on foreigners, the paper industry activists put the production of high quality paper at the forefront of their actions.
Today, when I am at your service, esteemed gentlemen, I am proud to say that, thanks God, with the great efforts of the private sector and the support of the esteemed government, we have achieved this and produced quality paper that can compete with similar foreign products in the country, and the need of the country's packaging industry for this strategic product has been met.
Now, by the grace of God and the tireless efforts of the worthy children of the homeland, we are on the verge of complete cessation of dependence on paper production, and I must admit that this proud act is due to the efforts and pursuits of the country's committed craftsmen, whom we are proud of. 
The most important concern of the industry is always the supply of parts and machines, which fortunately has been solved to a large extent by Shimi Pazhouhesh Company, and with its great efforts, its ability in designing and producing paper-making machines has emerged in an important field. They have provided the construction of production lines for these machines and have succeeded in providing a significant part of the country's need for machinery and equipment in this field, and through this, while achieving self-sufficiency in this field and preventing the outflow of foreign currency resources, they hope to have a more prominent role in the country's foreign exchange earnings by participating in export markets if the government supports them.
It is really worthy of the powerful hands and admirable efforts of Dr. Habibzadeh and his esteemed brothers and the great complex of Shimi Pazhouhesh Industry, which has fulfilled one of the long-standing dreams of the packaging industry activists in self-sufficiency and benefiting from the internal capacities of society, will be supported by the Cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
With the hope of complete cessation of dependence in all matters and with the wish of increasing success, I entrust health and longevity to everyone from God Almighty.
God, arrange in such a way in the end, you will be happy and we will be successful

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