The hope to double paper production in Mazandaran

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Pointing to an increase of 4800 billion Rial capital, the Managing Director of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industrial Company announced the possibility of doubling the production capacity.

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In an interview with IBNA (Iran Book News Agency), referring to the request of the board of directors of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries to withdraw from the Article 141, Ali Hosseinpour said, "The company shareholders, Melli Bank, Shasta Group, and the Atiyeh Saba Pension Fund provided the necessary assistance to raise the capital by 4800 billion Rials to reach at 500 billion from 450 billion Rials.  
He added, "The measure will cause our accumulative loss to get out of the cycle of company's activities. It requires some processes to be implemented so that we can take the required actions at the same time as the Production Boom Year.  
Hosseinpour stated, "We hope to get out of bankruptcy crisis by injecting this amount of liquidity to the factory. The capital will increase through revaluating the assets, updating the shareholders credits and outstanding payment to the company, so we are not suppose to have liquidity inject but to have increase in capital."
He stressed, "We hope by increasing our capital and using banking facilities to increase the working capital for the purchase of raw materials and other things so that we can take more positive steps for the production of the factory."
Expressing hopes to double the production capacity, Hosseinpour continued, "At present, the factory is working with 40 % of our nominal production capacity due to the lack of raw materials."
On the supply of raw materials required by the factory, he also explained, "Most of our raw materials are supplied from the orchard timbers and the poplar tress cultivated by farmers in the country, but we are facing the fact that there are some limitations to their supply."
Regarding the imports of the materials required by the complex, Hosseinpour said, "It is not possible for us to import because we need necessary supports in this respect. On the other hand, supplying barkless timer is costly and not economical for domestic producers."  
Referring the possibility to produce printing, writing and newsprint paper in the factory, he stated, "We can produce one-third of printing and writing paper required domestically by we cannot use fallen or broken trees of the forest due to the Forest Breathing Plan." 
Criticizing the restriction to import raw materials, Hosseinpour emphasized, "We are currently turning to the garden timbers, but garden trees are limited in the country. Whenever the orchard timber can be harvested in mass production, the production line will be operational, and our products will be supplied on the market."
According to him, if there is a steady trend and situation for supplying timbers of the gardens with continuous access, our production will be optimized, and we will approach the nominal production capacity of the factory."

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