Dr. Amir Hosseini’s speech at Gala Diner, China’s 2018 pulp and paper tour

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Let’s go china tour is very effective for Iranian factories

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I am so proud to be here
maybe many of you know me
I see some friends from previous tours here
I am Amir Hosseini from Iran
I cooperate with winnie on lets go china tour in Iran
also I am the manager of paperandwood.com website in Iran; for this matter in Iran, I have more information about paper in Iran and the world, we had paper imports until last year
But at the moment we export packaging paper to the world even to China
maybe you ask yourself how Iran can export paper
I have to say that this matter has 2 reasons
1- we run some paper mill with modern technology
2- Environmental problem and the stoppage of waste paper imports to China
after that the price of paper went up which was a good opportunity  for Iranian paper mills
At present, we have our own export market
After these events all Iranian paper mills have decided to enter the export markets
That’s why we launched this year’s International Paper Fair in Iran
This exhibition will be held every year in Iran
Well, you know that we have been under sanctions for many years
And we were not able to import the new technology for our own factories
And unfortunately, we have recently been under sanctions by the United States
also we know in 2017 Worldwide paper production  was 420.000.000 tons
and china paper production was around 120.000.000 tons
So China has a good technology in paper production
We have decided to compensate the deficiencies of our paper factories with Chinese technology
we have more than 80 paper mills in Iran with 3.000.000 tons capacity per year
we want to improve our capacity and quality
Let’s go china tour is very effective for Iranian factories
because the Iranian factories can see the new technology in china
and negotiate with Chinese specialists
In the end, I have to say that in the next month in Iran, there is an international printing and packaging exhibition
I would like to invite you to visit our booth at this exhibition
Thanks all of you for the time you have listened to my speech

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