An analytical account on the status of Pars Paper regarding the crisis occurred in China

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At present, two main crises have happened in Chinese paper making industries due to following reasons:

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Chinese government has ordered their domestic industrial factories, including some paper making mills, polluting the environment to stop completely. According to Chinese experts, millions of tons of paper making capacities in China have been gone of production lines.
On the other hand, when the US government increased the tariffs on imports of some Chinese products, the Chinese government in a retaliating measure, boycotted the imports of all types of wastes from the USA and the paper wastes are not imported from the USA to China.
Concerning the above mentioned facts, two important events have happened in the world.
Firstly, the Chinese companies gradually replaced the paper wastes with the paper pulp leading to an unconventional increase in the price of brown and white paper in the world by around 30% within three months.
Secondly, Chinese Carton manufacturers with an annual capacity of 104 million tons faced paper shortage and rising price of paper in China and imported paper from other countries to maintain their export markets.
One of the exporting countries is Iran which has a relative advantage of exporting to China and other countries due to the low price of domestic waste paper.
The advantage of Pars Paper Factory in this crisis:
The pulp made from bagasse by Pars paper has changed all the existing equations, and it can almost be said that Pars Paper can have a unique position because his company does not need imported raw materials to produce pulp. In addition, bagasse is the only existing raw materials in Iran for which currently there feels no shortage.
Now that the global price of pulp has risen, Pars Paper has expanded the ability of export to all countries of the world. At present, there is a heavy traffic of demands for pulp in the factory from different countries.
During this period, the largest paper manufacturers in China have directly come to Iran to visit the factory and negotiate and are asking for exclusive contracts which are under consideration.
One of the largest paper manufacturers in India has invited the mangers of Pars Paper to Paperex Exhibition and has called for a contract, so the Pars Paper managers are their guests on the sidelines of exhibition on November 3rd.
One of the largest problems of Iranian manufacturers is that they do appreciate the trade opportunities and have missed the export opportunities many times for example in Middle Asian Countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, and lately in Qatar.
Pars Paper has tried to pave the way of the exports in the company and cellulose industries since three years ago.
The statistics and figure indicate the annual imports of over 45 million tons of pulp to China, so Pars Paper using one-year plants for the pulp production can definitely take the most advantage of this opportunity.
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