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The interview with Mr. Eng. Fadaei, the commercial manager of Pars Paper Making Industries on June 12, 2016

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1. Mr. Engineer! Let me start asking the first question in relation to the stock exchange, how is the present condition of Pars Paper in stock exchange?
Fortunately, there was a good attention to the shares of Pars Paper in the stock exchange, and the price of each share of the Pars Paper is 202 tomans in the stock exchange. Of course, it should be noted the fact that the dominant atmosphere in the stock exchange is not good, and we hope the stock exchange to come out of this state.
2. What percentage of the Pars Paper shares was presented in the stock exchange?
Totally, 10% of Mr. Moghadam's shares were presented in the stock exchange.
3. Please kindly let us know approximately how many shares will be this 10%?
The 10%is equivalent to 130,000,000 shares.
4. Does Pars Paper intent to fund the company by presenting its shares in the stock exchange?
Of course, all the targets of coming to the stock exchange will not end up to this intention, it is very important for us to propound the brand of Pars Paper, which was delivered to us, in public.
5. As long as you were not in the stock exchange, perhaps it was not very important what Pars Paper was doing (I mean for the ordinary people who are now shareholders). However, at present it matters very much what direction Pars Paper is going to. What program do you have for this year in this regard?
This year, we focus more on exporting pulp, and in this respect, Pars Paper strategy is to find new markets and to expand more in the markets we have already had export to.
6. Have you already found a new market in 2016?
Yes, we have had wide marketing in South America and have dispatched pulp to Columbia. We hope to find a good market there. 
At the end, thank you very much for the time you have provided us with, and we hope to hear good news from your corporation like previous years. 

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