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Mr. Fadaei  Please let us know how Pars Paper Industrial Groups was in the respect of production, sales, and commerce in 1394 (2015).

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Despite numerous economical problems and lack of effective demand on the market in 1394, Pars Paper has achieved all its pre-determined targets resulted from all Pars Paper's team's attempts.  One of the reasons why we could work well in this economical market has been the variety of our products.
As you are aware, Pars Paper produces printing and writing paper, packaging paper, and pulp. 
We have had reasonable export to 10 countries this year. Fortunately, we have exported pulp to the countries which are among the giants of global paper market. 
For example, we have had good export to Indonesia, which is regarded as one of the poles of paper making, and we are still exporting our pulp regularly and monthly to this country. 
Mr. Engineer! Could you please tell us why the Indonesian mills having luxuriant forests use your pulp?
At present, there is a positive special view about producing pulp from one -year and a few –year plants in the world, and they are not willing to use the forests due to environmental problems. As a result, Indonesian tissue making mills have well received bagasse pulp. On the other hand, Indonesian government gives good incentives to paper mills consuming non-tree pulp in order to protect their environment.
Another good news about Pars Paper Industrial Groups which will come true in one or two week(s) is the entrance of Pars Paper into Stock Exchange which is considered very good news for Iranian paper industries.
What is the strategy of Pars Paper for next year?
The general policy of Pars Paper for next year is to concentrate more on export. We will try to increase the production capacity of our units and to speed up our exports.
Our relative advantage is the available bagasse in our region, so we are trying to concentrate on producing pulp rather than packaging paper regarding the above mentioned advantage.
We certainly have a schedule to upd‌ate our machinery and will try to increase the quality of our produced pulp and paper.

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