Interview with Mr. Moghaddam (Chairman of pars paper)

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Could you please tell us why you have not participated in the Printing and Packaging Exhibition this year? 

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Last year, we participated in the Printing and Packaging Exhibition, and the result was good for us. However, at present our products can only meet our current customers' orders; if we participate in this exhibition and meet new customer to place order with us, we cannot be responsive and will be ashamed. In addition, we curremtly have no new products to present at the exhibition. Moreover, Pars Paper has established its policy based on export, so we will try to participate more in foreign exhibitions in order to market our products. 
A few months ago, you participated in Turkey exhibition, what achievements did Pars Paper have from this exhibition?
It was the first time that Pars Paper participated in an overseas exhibition, and fortunately we could have good results because a lot of companies referred to us and asked for sample. The samples were sent to them, and all samples were confirmed after being tested. At the moment we are negotiating with them on the price. 
Mr. Moghaddam, nowadays it is said that Pars Paper intends to come to the stock exchange, is it a rumor or a reality?
It is quite right. We have been working on this issue for over a year. After continuously following it up, we managed to get the permission to be admitted in the stock exchange two weeks ago. We may present a part of our shares at the stock exchange. Of course, as per our studies and regarding the current depression in stock exchange, we have stopped for while so that the conditions of the stock exchange will be better.
We have heard on the news that there was a protest and gathering at your factory a few weeks ago. When we talked with some of them, they told us that their health insurance booklets could not be extended and the Social Security Organization would not renew their health booklets, they were workers and could not afford the cost for treatments and medicine without insurance. Some others claimed that they had not received their salaries for a few months. Could you please explain more in this respect?
Regarding the Social Security Organization, when Pars Paper was handed over to us by Atieh Damavand Investing Company, they declared the list of their debts to us. We paid all their declared debts relevant to Social Security Organization. However, Social Security Organization informed us that their debts were higher than what it was declared, and Pars Paper had to pay. 
Well, the Social Security Organization rightfully tells us it is none of their business who owns Pars Paper. Pars Paper as a legal person is indebted to them and its debts should be paid. 
At present, there is a dispute between us and Atieh Damavand Investing Company. They are indebted to us an amount of around several tens of billion toman. If it does not settle this amount with us, there will be no solution for the problems. Despite all these problems, we have negotiated with the Social Security Organization, and at the moment the problems of health insurance booklets have been solved. 
It should be noted that the process of taking on working force has been changed since the new management and shareholders have taken the incumbency of Pars Paper Industrial Groups; most of working forces are outsourced. Therefore, the number of official and contractual forces which have made direct contract with company is not high.
Regarding the salary problem, those who protested were the personnel of a contractor. They did not receive their salaries from the contractor. We have had only 35 days delay for the payment to the contractor which is a normal process, and it should not cause such a problem for the contractor not to be able to pay its staff's salaries, but our management is following up this issue in such a way that the contractor will honor his commitments.    

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