Interview with Director of Turkish exports paper mill kahramanmaras

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My name’s Selcuk Solak, and I am the export manager of the kahramanmaras Paper Mill in Turkey

When did your factory establish and what kind of paper does it produce?

The factory was established in 1988, and our products are test liner paper, fluting paper, paper tubes, and wall paper for pre-manufactured walls.

Where was your machinery made?

Our machines are made in Germany and Italy.

Could you explain the reason why you travelled to Iran?

Yes, this is my first trip to Iran, and I love Iran very much because we are two brother and neighboring countries with long record of cultural relations. In the previous years, we could not export our paper to Iran due to our domestic paper consumption, but from this year, we hope we can have good export to Iran.

How much export do you think to have to Iran?

We have planned for 1000 tons of export per month in the first phase.

As you know, Iran market is a limited one, and at present 100% of its capacity is in the hands of Chinese and Korean companies, and there is no room for you to have a shre on Iran market, what have you planned to solve this problem?

Yes of course, I quite know Iran’s market well and Chinese and Korean companies, too. However, we can certainly compete with them by higher quality paper, more competitive prices, and the most important of all our much closer distance than them for transportation to Iran can take a good share on Iran’s market.

Do you have a representative in Iran?

Presently we have an office in Iran and manage everything in our own office.

What is the grammage of your different kinds of produced paper?

We produce paper with the grammage from 80 to 400, and we will increase the range of the grammage of our paper to between 70 and 500 grams until the end of this year.

Have you exported to other countries?

Yes, we have exported to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan.

Regarding to several visits to factories of carton layer, what do you think of Iranian industries?

They are good industries, but we can see a gap between them and European industries.

Thank you for the time you have dedicated to us.

We thank you, too.

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