Interview with Mr.Eng.Fadaii Commercial Director of Pars Paper Company

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This interview was held at the head quarter of Pars Paper Manufacturing Co. on Monday (March 8, 201
1. Mr. Eng. Fadaii, could you please let us have some explanations on the new product of Pars Paper in the field of packaging (corrugated cardboard).

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At present, we have managed to produce Kraft Paper 100% from pulp the final test of which have been carried out.
2. What grade would you give to it from the quality viewpoint?

This product has been good quality paper and can compete with imported Kraft 100%.

3. What is the market price for it?

The prices have been determined but not finalized. The price of Kraft paper produced by Pars factory is certainly competitive and more reasonable than the foreign samples.

4. You said 100% pulp, do you mean 100% Bagasse pulp or the imported pulp?

This paper has been produced from bagasse pulp and the imported long tissue pulp.

5. Has it been tested at carton factories or not?

Yes, this paper has been tested at carton factories, and we have had good feedback about its quality. You can see the sample sheets made from it in our office.

6. What gram does this paper have? And what capacity have you dedicated to produce it in next year?

It is 120 gram paper, and we will dedicate one of our three production lines for its production.

7. Mr. Fadaii, what have you done in other types of paper?

In A4 paper, we have produced 80 gram paper with quality whiteness.

8. What do you mean by quality whiteness?

At least 88%.


9. How could you afford to produce it because Pars Paper was not able to produce paper with 88% whiteness?

We have made a lot of work on paper whitening during the renovation of the factory and have added a new line of whitening to our previous production lines of paper. Reminders were another main problem in this section which we could solve and remove by the purchase of new machinery.

10. What have you done in other fields?

We have managed to produce disposable crockery (dishes) from bagasse pulp which are completely hygienic and could be taken from freezer directly to microwave oven to warm the food in them. Currently we are working on exporting them to Arab countries, but we are still in the study phase to export them.

11. Is there anything else to explain for us?

At present, using the university researching teams, we are working on producing black liquor from bagasse. Black liquor is used in organic fertilizers, construction industries, and battery manufacturing companies.

12. Mr. Eng. Fadaii, is there an R & D Department in your company while carrying out so much work in Pars Paper, especially in the field of research and innovation?

Yes we have an R & D Dept. All our colleagues who have a new idea can suggest it in our company, meanwhile we always welcome anybody who has a new idea, and our company doors are open to these people and companies.

13. What strategy will Pars Paper follow for next year?

The most important one is to continue the renovation of the factory.
We try to reach the nominal capacity of the machinery.
We keep on using the foreign experts for obtaining consultation in our factory.
We will focus more on the production of paper pulp as the raw materials of this industry.

14. What will be your capacity to produce paper pulp for next year?

We have the capacity 85000 tons of pulp in Golriz Paper in Shoushtar and 60000 tons of pulp in the Pars Paper factory.

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