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PaperandWood has been working in paper and wood background for more than 8 years.
Interview date: 2013/6/19

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Mr. Hosseini , could you please tell us about yourself ?
I was born in 1962, and I worked for ministry of industries from 1982 to 1994 as the “Expert of Cellulose Industries” while studying at university. Then I came out of the ministry of industries and registered a company and started importing paper from other countries.
In 1998 I dissolved the mentioned company and started another company to work in the field of advertising.
Then I started my activities on internet and made an informative site since 2001.  In 2004, I was invited by one of my friends to make a lives tock  information website and it started to become very successful in its own field .
In 2006 I decided to make a website about cellulose industries based on my own knowledge and expertise, at first it was about wood and paper but since it was a very wide area to cover, I canceled the wood section...
What is philosophy of the PaperandWood website?
I used to import paper but had a lot of trouble selling our products on the market. Since there was not enough information, it was hard to find information on the paper market and customers, so we didn't knew anybody except our friends.
When we wanted to obtain new information, it would take us days of hard work. After few years we decided to join the informative media and we thought to build a website in order to identify all businesspeople who are active in this field and let them know one another by visiting our site.
Unfortunately we were encountered heavy resistance in the beginning because we wanted to make a huge change on the market.
The change was to allow everyone to have equal information.
Most people believed that it was not just possible to have up-to-date information and share that with others. In the first year we had trouble in 2 fields:
1: Collecting information.
2: Encouraging people and visitors to use our website’s information.
First we thought that if we just placed the information on website everyone would come and use them, but some businessmen were used to doing business traditionally and didn't have much knowledge about computers and all .Therefore we decided to provide in the SMS services.
Fortunately after 2 years rival sites or better to say colleagues were created and that reduced the pressure on us especially at marketing and that helped us to tell our customers that they could get their required information from internet.
Because when we used to import paper, we faced the same problems, we tried to reduce the pressure on other importers who are working in the field.
What was the initial purpose of this website? Does it still follows it?
The first goal was to provide information, and we still focus our activities on that line, our policies haven't been changed but the methods to collect information have been changed to some extent. The first the idea of our website was immature and we copied ideas from other global websites and localized them. Moreover, we have been trying to increase the knowledge of our visitors and customers both quantitatively and qualitatively.
How much do you get ideas from your customers?
100% I can't even say 95%. Since the time we created this website, we have made a plan to give valuable rewards to our customers and visitors who send feedbacks and explain their comments and expectations and remind us our problems.
But it wasn't a successful plan. Our next plan was to give bonus to our personnel who reflects visitors' dissatisfaction more successfully. This plan has helped us more to achieve our goal.
Of course it is sometimes necessary to deal with problems in person so that we can achieve our goals faster.
How many personnel are currently at PaperandWood?
7 people.
How do you provide the website content? Do you make them by yourself?
The contents of website are categorized in 2 groups.
1: news, usually we don't produce news and our news is the reflection of the news in other media.
2: Our own collection including: articles, interviews, educational films, video tutorials, and online courses.
Last year we held the symposium of paper & carton & cardboard.
Website’s income is only provided from membership and advertising and we never get involved in the transaction among our customers which is our motto.
Our policy is to be the information provider because if people feel we play a part on the market, they don't share their information with us.
Tell us about the symposium.
R & D Dept. in the ministry of commerce, industries & mines holds different symposiums on the fields of cars, drugs and medicine, chemicals, iron.... However, based on their information on us, they entrusted us to hold the mentioned symposium.
Although there were some shortcomings in the symposium, we are going to hold the second symposium in next November to respond the request of participants in last year symposium.
The first preparation meeting with paper industries to decide on the agenda of the symposium has already been held.
Another activity that we are thinking of is to hold a webinar because my personal view and my colleagues' opinion is to work online. Therefore, we have decided to hold a webinar about wood and cellulous industries.
Fortunately webinar doesn't need a location and physical presence of participants and those who are interested can easily join webinar online and take advantage of the articles and information.
Ending note....
We’ve always tried to help this industry, find the exiting shortcomings, and take action to overcome them.

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