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Most everyone through the years has seen some of the more prominent industry promotional campaigns for commodities such as beef, pork, milk, and eggs.

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These campaigns have proven to be very successful and they’re the result of what are known as “check-off” programs.
What exactly is a check-off, you ask? From the Paper Check-off website (, “Authorized by federal legislation, a Check-off is designed to maintain and expand markets for an industry’s products.
Check-offs are governed by an Order that sets the parameters of the program and are run by an industry nominated board of directors appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.
While program funds may not be used for lobbying or advocacy, they are available for informational, educational, and promotional activities in support of an industry’s products.”
A number of industries in the U.S. have initiated and maintained check-off programs, which have renewed consumer interest and increased demand for their respective products.
The programs are the result of collective efforts that deliver a message as a single voice. Following are a few mini-stories of established
check-off programs:

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