A training course on "The Qualitative Features of Packaging Paper and the Problems of Consumers" was organized by the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers.

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The course was held at the Building No. 3 of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce on Nev. 24th.

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The lecturer was Dr. Mehdi Manzour ol-Ahdad, and the course headings were:
How to make different types of packaging paper and cardboard
Product quality control management systems
Investigating the qualitative features of Fluting, test liner and Kraft paper
Examining the resistance properties of ECT.RCT.BCT in cartons
The problems of carton manufacturers with the domestic packaging paper
In the course, the causes of problems for corrugated sheets and cartons in the packaging industry, the problems of paper making mills in the production and the solutions to make product tailored to the requirement of exporting and domestic markets were discussed. 
Moreover, a correct definition for the features and resistance of different types of packaging paper was put forward and discussed with the participants. 
With respect to the decline in the quality of waste paper used by the factories, it was proposed to factories to use wood pulp in order to increase the resistance of the new made products under the supervision of the experts rather than concentrating on additives which do not have much sustainability and which only increase the apparent strength, and the syndicate will cooperate in providing the raw materials.  
Undoubtedly, the training for the corrugate and carton manufacturing companies, along with the paper making mills, can expand the interaction between these two groups and pave the way for the development of the packaging industry and its presence on exporting markets

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