An account of the visit to carton and corrugated factories in China

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The account of Let's Go China industrial tour – the visit to manufacturers of carton and corrugated sheet machinery and production lines

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The arrival of 7 people Iranian group at Guangzhou on Friday July 07, 2017.
Since the Iranian group had arrived a day sooner in China, they rested at the hotel on Saturday when an Egyptian team of 17 people and another Jordanian team of 5 people joined them at the same hotel. 
On Sunday morning (July 09), the visit to the carton manufacturing factory and flexo large prints with very high speed started. In the afternoon after the launch, we went to Tai factory, the manufacturer of flexo printing machines where we were acquainted with the process of manufacturing flexo printing machinery.
A gala dinner was held in honor of the guests on Sunday night in which the authorities of Let's Ho China program made speeches on their program and their objectives.  
The visit to the corrugated carton factory on Monday morning dated July 10. 
The visit to the corrugated carton factory on Monday afternoon dated July 10. 
The visit to Ming Vey Corrugated Carton Factory
On Wednesday July 12, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., over 50 manufacturers of corrugated carton and printing on carton machinery and production lines met and negotiated with the members of Iranian, Egyptian, and Jordanian teams.
In the negotiations, Iranian team exchanged information with the negotiators more than the two other groups.  
On Thursday July 13, we had a city tour and visited the Canton Tower of Guangzhou, then we went towards the Guangzhou Airport.  

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