A visit report from Caspian Paper Making Complex

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The Board of the Directors of Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives visited Caspian Paper Making Complex.

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Following the invitation from the Board of the directors of Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives made by Mr. Payedari, the Caspian Paper Making Complex CEO, to visit Rash Caspian Paper Making Factory, the Association and the Cooperative Board of the Directors went to the paper making mill on April 18th , 2017 and was welcomed by the complex management and personnel. 
At first, while the visitors were welcome, a presentation was given to them on the procedure of factory completion, installation, and commissioning as follows:
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The factory received the permission from Ministry of Industry to be established to produce 220 thousand tons of different kinds of paper such as kraft, fluting, white top, and liner in 2013. In 2014, the project was started on a land of 150 thousand m2. It launched the products on the market in 2016. Since the international standards were implemented in the factory, the quality of the produced paper is equal to available well-known foreign kinds of paper on Iran market.  

After the relevant presentation, the visit started, and the board visited different sections from the starting point to the end of the production line and the depot site of waste paper.



In a symbolic inauguration, Mr. Haj Azami, the Managing Director of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives opened the factory.

Moreover, Mr. Azami and his colleague went to the factory lab, and he himself tested a sample of the produced paper of the production line and announced the relevant results desirable. 

At the end of the visit and in the conference hall, while congratulating the factory management and personnel on investing and launching such a large complex, Mr. Azami said, "The Association and the Cooperative Co. try their best to support the domestic paper making industries, and under no conditions they will not replace the quality domestic papers with the foreign papers."

It is essential to mention that the factory managers have been thinking of exporting their products since the beginning of investment. Regarding their vast marketing in the region, the dispatched samples have been approved in different countries, and they managed to sign contracts with 10 countries.

Considering the mentioned contracts, the annual exports of 5000 tons of paper is on the agenda of the factory, and one of the export shipments was seen being loaded during the visit. 

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