The biography of Mr. Mehdi Poursaleh

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At present, he is the deputy chairman of the board at the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives

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Born in 1953
The Course of study: accounting
Work history:
Before the Islamic Revolution, he had been working in several private companies related with his education. After revolution, he started working for Iran Bohler Co. (the manufacturer of pneumatic hammers in Alborz Industrial Zone in Qazvin province) as the financial manager from 1979 to late 1981. At the same time, he was working as the CEO of Bohler Trading Co (belonging to both Iranian and Austrian partners). It should be noted that both companies were confiscated by Mostazafan Foundation, and he was appointed by the foundation to work at both companies. 
He started his cooperation with Roll Carton Co (manufacturer of corrugated sheets and cartons) in 1983, and he simultaneously launched a carton making plant with his friend in Qods Town .
In 1988, he launched Behcarbord Co.  with a few friends which first manufactured corrugated sheets, but the company has started manufacturing cartons since 2011.
He was the CEO of Behcarbord Co from 1988 to July 2016.
At present, he is the Deputy Chairman of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives

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