The biography of Mr. Eng. Javad Keramati

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The member of the Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives

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Eng. Javad Keramati
He was born in Tehran in 1972. While he was studying his mid- school courses, he joined Tohid Young Club as a football player after sport testing procedure in mid 1984 because he was strongly interested in football and encourage by his father. After a year he, as the Captain of Tohid teenage team, he was honored to join the National Under-18 Football Team and then the National Young Team.  He managed to be a member of popular team of Perspolis after 12 years of professional experience in different Teams such as Tehran Homay, Tehran Rail Road, Fath, and Tehran Pas. At present, he is honored to be the veteran member of National Team.
After the military service (while playing in Fath and Pas football teams), his father recommended him to continue his education in wood & paper in order to increase his scientific knowledge in cellulose industries which was related to his father's activities and graduated in 1994 while working with his father in the Tohid Packaging Industrial Company in order to provide the young generation and his colleagues with his knowledge and experiences. Below please find some of his responsibilities and positions in this respect: 
The CEO and the member of the board of Tohid Packaging Industrial Company
The member of the board of Dena Cellulose Industrial group, Ariana Sanat, and Kaghazin Poshesh Gostar Company
The member of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives
The member of the board of the Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives
The member of the Iran Standard Codification Commission
The member  of the Policy making Council of the World Organization of Packaging
The member of the Iran – Germany Chamber of Commerce and Iran – China Chamber of Commerce
The member of the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO)
The member of  Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry TAPPI
The member of the board of Directors for the Paper and Cardboard Symposium at Amir Kabir University
The holder o the Specialized Designing Packaging Festival at Alzahra University, and the consultant and the executor of university projects related with packaging industry.
Active presence in over 20 internal and external specialized exhibition of packages
The superior manager of 2007 in the Congress of Iran Industrial Seniors
The director of symbolic industrial unit in 2016

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