Mr. Rasoul Warshochi Monfared's biography

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One of the founders and shareholders of Khobreh Mihan Co. in 1998

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Date of Birth: March 28, 1970
Place of Birth: Tehran
Diploma's degree from Imam Mousa Sadr High School in 1988
Admitted by Technical Faculty of Tehran University in Thermo and Fluid Mechanical Engineering in 1988
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering with the first ranking from the university in 1993
Admitted as the post graduate student in Energy Conversion Course of Mechanical Engineering and got his Master's degree in 1998 
While studying his master' courses, he started teaching Thermodynamic course for undergraduate students at Tehran University. After getting his Master's Degree, he spent his military service as the lecturer at the Air University of Air Force.
Work and Business Activities:
One of the founders and shareholders of Khobreh Mihan Co., active in producing corrugated sheets and corrugated boxes, in 1998
At the moment, while he is the Chairman of the Board at Khobreh Mihan Co., he is the Deputy Chairman of the board of the Association of Carton and Corrugated Sheet Society of Executives & a member of the board at below companies:
1. Bazbarg Paper Company (the chairman of the board)
2. Bazbarg Trading Company (the chairman of the board)
3. Pars Donia Pak Company (the managing director and a member of the board)
4. Paper Trading Pioneers Company (a member of the board)

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