The cardboard back gray seminar at business section of the Austrian Embassy

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The seminar was hold by Mayer Melnhof, the Austrian manufacturer of cardboard back gray

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The seminar was held at the business section of Austrian Embassy in Tehran on Monday Oct. 24, 2016.
At first, the commercial consultant of the Business Section of Austrian Embassy, Mr. Weingartner made a speech on the Iran – Austria commercial status in previous years and at present for the audience.
Then, Mr. Khashayar Pourmohsen, the CEO of Heinzel and Melnhof Office in Iran, delivered lecture on the purpose of holding the seminar and its lecturers.
The first speaker was Mr. Reiser, the Chief Executive Officer of Wilfred Heinzel Co.
Next, Mr. Rappold, Mayer Melnhof member of the board, made his speech on cardboard gray back for the audience.
After him, Mr. Snelleman, the Mayer Melnhof head of overseas business section, spoke on some points.
Mr. Glatz, the technical director of Mayer Melnhof Customer Service, presented very interesting and technical points on printing, cutting and making boxes with cardboard gray back.
In the afternoon, the seminar continued mainly in order to answer the questions.
The informative site of paperandwood has filmed all the lectures and if Mayer Melnhof gives permission, the films of the lectures will be uploaded on the site.
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