Carton Specialized Seminar

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Last week on Monday and Tuesday 26-27 Sept., Carton Specialized Seminar was held by Roxcel Co. cooperated by Mondy Co. at Parsian Azadi Hotel of Tehran.

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Roxcel Co. has had regular and coordinated relations with the sheet manufacturers and its other customers, and it holds seminars in Iran to improve its customers' scientific level as per its policy.


Carton Specialized Seminar, which was held with the cooperation of Mondy co, its partner company which is one of the global largest paper and cardboard manufacturer, is one of the mentioned seminars.
The seminar started with one hour delay at 10 am on the first day by reading Quran and playing the national anthem of Islamic Republic of Iran.


First of all, Mr. Shahryar Ghafari of Roxcel Co., welcoming the audience, explained the seminar program..
Then, Mahmet Akalin, the Middle East Sales Manager of Mondy Co., introduced Mondy Co. and explained the products of Mondy Co


After Mr. Akalin's lecture, Mr. Powel Koliov, the head of Mondy Customers Service in Russia, presented complet and nteresting information on the types of paper consumed in the field of sheets and cartons.
After him, Mr. Kaghazian, the manager of Roxcel Iran Office (Peik-e- Faraz), introduced Roxcel Co. and talked about the objective of holding the mentioned Seminar


After that, Mr. Azami, the Managing Director of Carton and Paper Executives Community, delivered a lecture on the current status of carton manufacturing units.
Mr. Koliov, the technical engineer of Mondy Co, presented the technical issues of the paper production for cartons in the morning and afternoon sessions. .


On the first day of the seminar, the majorty of the audience were senior managers of sheet and carton manufacturing units. On the second day, most of the participants were technical managers of the factories.
On the second day, only the technical issues of paper and carton were presented by Mondy's experts.
On the second day, one of the managers of Kaleh Industries mentioned the problems of the cartons delivered by carton manufacturers.
Rocel Co. was supposed to coordinate with Mondy Co. in order to get the permission for the distribution of the recorded films of the Seminar. After that, our site will be able to upload the recorded films of the Seminar on the site so that the members can have access to them


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