Caspian Paper Making Complex

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Rasha Caspian Iranians Paper Making Company received its establishment license from the Organization of Industry, Mine, and Trade in Zanjan Province in March 2014 in order to produce different types of packaging paper.

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In March 2014, it was registered under the name of “Rasha Caspian Iranians Paper Making Complex” with an investment of 100% private sector.
The execution of the project started with the mapping operations  in a land with the area surface of 150 thousand square meters in the industrial town of Zanjan no. 1 (Eshraq) from April 2014. Both operations of leveling and consolidating the land were carried out with the capacity of 400 thousand cubic meters of soil operations only in three months from June to August 2014.
Moreover, in early 2014 coinciding with the purchase of the land of the project, the company made a contract with one of the big and well-known companies of China that accomplished huge projects inside and outside China to design the project. Based on this, while identifying the top manufacturers of paper making machinery and other related equipment in China and the European countries, the company took action to purchase the required machinery selectively from leading companies in China and Europe. Therefore, half of the equipment was purchased from China and the other half from the first ranking brands in Europe.
 The purchased machinery have the capacity to produce 220 thousand tons of three-layer packing paper with high quality including test liner, kraft test, white top, and fluting in the range of 90 to 210 g/m2 with the width of 460 cm with a speed of 700 meters per minute by using OCC waste paper as well as pulp. To do so, the company enjoys two brand new and powerful production lines of pulp making and the complete system of approach flow made by Austrian Andritz Co.
The privilege of the factory production line is the use of European chemical injection and preparation system, three European modern head-box machines, and the QCS system with the ability of automatic control of grammage, humidity, and many other factors.
 The production of the plant is anticipated to be released on the market in the second half of this year

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