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The paper price again exceeded the level of 500 thousand Tomans.
Feed: 2968 - Date: 6/20/2019 - Views: 22

After a short period of price decline, the price of print and writing paper increased again and become more than 500 thousand Toman.
According to the cultural reporter of Tasnim News Agency, quoting the publishers of the Paper Working Group, the price of the paper on the free market increased again after its distribution had stopped due to the delay of the paper shipment arrival at customs, while the print and writing paper had increased over 100 before the recent rise in last month.
Accordingly, the price of each ream of print and writing paper with the grammage of 70 has been 550 thousand Tomans. Moreover, the Indonesian paper of 60 by 90 with the grammage of 70 grams has been dealt at 370 thousand Tomans.
On the other hand, the cardboard and glossy paper has face faced a decrease in price. The price of glossy with the grammage of 250 grams has been 26000Tomans per kilo, and the price of grey back cardboard of 60 x 90 with 250 grammage is 23500Tomans per kilo. Other types of glossy paper and grey back cardboard have faced a decrease in price.

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