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The Director General of Cellulose, Printing and Stationery Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade said, "We hope to reduce the import of printing and writing paper by increasing the production capacity of printing and writing paper in the country, which was more than 95% until last year, and increase domestic production.
The fifth international exhibition of paper and cardboard was opened at the permanent location of international exhibitions in Tehran.
The head of the Syndicate of Paper Manufacturers, while complaining about the syndicate absence from the first vice president's working group meetings on paper, announced the government's serious determination to solve the paper problem.
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The Governor of Gilan province, stating that exemplary villagers and mayors in waste management should be introduced by the governors, added, "We will not be able to manage waste without separating waste from the source, so this culture should be established among the people."
Similar to 2020, the Pulp and Paper industry underwent some significant changes in 2021—some expected, some unexpected.
Grass corrugated cardboard is the new sustainable trend in the packaging industry.
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The head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Producers said, "The consumption of newsprint has decreased from an average of 130,000 tons to 10,000 to 15,000 tons per year."
The CEO of Pars Haft Tappe Paper Industrial Group said, "The production of 70,000 tons of various types of paper, including paper pulp, is targeted in this company this year in order to meet a part of the country's need for paper.
The head of the Paper Manufacturers' Syndicate says, "In 2021, only 20,000 tons of 150,000 tons of printing and writing paper capacity were produced."
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The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) published its January 2022 Printing-Writing Monthly report. According to the report, total printing-writing paper shipments increased three percent in January compared to January 2021.
The Navigator Company recently announced that it will apply an energy, logistics and commodities surcharge to its tissue products, amounting 15% of the sales price, to offset the significant and unexpected raising of its input cost.
The Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill (APPM), one of Russia’s largest pulp and paper producers will begin the production of cardboard from waste paper, the company’s press service has recently said. A new machine will be built in Novodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast.
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