Stora Enso postpones conversion of paper machine at its Langerbrugge site

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Stora Enso’s Langerbrugge mill in Belgium produces recycled newsprint and recycled supercalendered magazine paper at two paper machines. The mill has the capacity to produce 540,000 tonnes per year of recycled paper.

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Stora has had plans to convert a paper machine from the production of recycled newsprint to recycled containerboard, but has decided to postpones these plans.
Commenting on the potential conversion, Rebekka Thielemann, VP, Product and Sales Recycled Containerboard said, “Our study on the opportunity to deliver more recycled packaging to the market proved positive. However, as the availability of recycled containerboard in Europe currently meets market needs, we decided to postpone the conversion decision, which will be taken in due time.” She added, “While we remain agile and responsive to market trends, our dedication to our paper customers is unwavering. We are fully committed to continuing to provide the high-quality products and service excellence that our clients have come to expect from us for the foreseeable future, solidifying Langerbrugge's legacy as a cornerstone of paper production.”


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