The targeting of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in 1400

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The targeting to produce one million and 50 thousand tons of paper in 1400

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According to IRNA on Monday, with respect to the production of 984,200 vehicles and pickups in 2020, a growth of 21.9% is forecasted in this sector.
In the production of buses, minibuses and vans, it was planned to produce 8,968 of these vehicles. Last year, however, domestic automakers produced a total of only 1,873 units of these vehicles, and according to this, a growth of 378 percent is forecasted in this sector.
In the tire production sector, it was planned to achieve a production of 330,000 tons, which is targeted at a growth of 18.6% compared to the production record of 278,200 tons achieved in 2020.
Handmade Carpet
According to this report, the analysis of the plans of the Ministry of Industry in 2021 also indicates a plan to produce 2.4 million square meters of handmade carpets. Meanwhile, according to the latest statistics, in the first 11 months of last year, 1,870,000 square meters of this original Iranian product was produced in the country.
Home Appliances
Home appliances are one of the sectors that had a good year last year despite the difficult conditions of sanctions and the corona virus. This year, for the first time in 42 years after the revolution, the production of large, medium and small appliances exceeded 14 million units.
The studies show that based on the capacity of domestic companies and factories,  the Ministry of Industry has programmed to produce 1.2 million TV sets (which were 1.1 million units in 11 months of 2020), 1.9 million refrigerators and freezers ( The same number of production in the first 11 months of last year), 1 million and 50 thousand units of water coolers (1 million 17 thousand 600 units in 11 months of 2020) and 1 million 80 thousand units of washing machines (1 million 119 thousand 300 in 2020) for the year 2021.
Production of other products
According to the report, the production of 55 billion medicines, 1 million and 50 thousand tons of paper, 72 million tons of petrochemical products, 290,000 tons of cotton and synthetic thread and 240,000 tons of polyester fibers, are other programs of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and trade in the year 2021.
According to IRNA, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade  have 40 programs in the year of "Production, Support and Removing Barriers" in seven main areas, including the development of production and deepening of domestic production (13 programs), import management and development of non-oil exports (6 programs), the development of mines and mining industries with emphasis on mining roadmap (four programs), the development of technology and knowledge-based products (four programs), the market management and organization of commercial logistics (five programs), the improvement of business environment and the obstruction removal of production process (three programs) and funding and investment development (five programs).

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