The price of paper mounted on the wing of inflammation

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With the cessation of the distribution of government paper and the return of publishers to the free market, the price of printing and writing paper reached the level of 490 thousand Tomans a ream. This increase of 100,000 Tomans was predictable.

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According to the cultural correspondent of Tasnim News Agency,  the paper market is approaching its hectic days again, the price of each ream of printing and writing paper in the free market has been increasing daily over the past month, and it has reached at its highest price in a year today on the first day of the week.
Based on this, each ream of Chinese 70 and 100 printing and writing paper with 70 grammage is priced at 480 to 490 thousand Tomans, while this paper was sold for 370 to 380 thousand tomans a ream about a month ago.
The increase in prices in the free paper market has occurred due to the cessation of the distribution of government paper and the return of publishers to buy from the free market. The increase in demand in the free market in the last month has caused the one-year recession in this market almost to disappear and prices to face an upward slope.
According to Mehdi Esmaili Rad, the head of the Ashna Publishers' Union, the distribution of government paper has been stopped because two importers did not honor their promise to deliver 4,000 tons of government paper. Now Mohsen Javadi, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance says that the Ministry is following up the matter with legal authorities. However, why these two importers refuse to deliver imported papers that were scheduled to be delivered two months ago is important in its place.
The Cabinet agreed to allocate foreign currency to paper in 2021
Expensive price in the market due to non-distribution of governmental paper
As the issue of stopping the distribution of governmental paper continues, more publishers will enter the market, and as a result, the price of paper will increase significantly.
The inflammation in the paper market has been a topic that market experts have long predicted and warned about,  over the past two years, prices in the paper market have been less close to real prices,  according to importers, and the prices are sometimes even lower than cost prices because there was no demand in the market. 
Given the fact that in the past year, importers have not had much import due to the lack of a reliable market for sales, it seems that with the increase in demand and supply shortage, prices will even reach over 600,000 Tomans unless the government honor its promises to the Minister of Guidance for the allocation of foreign currency in this year and resumes the distribution of government paper

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