The largest stone paper mill will be built in Assadabad

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The parliament representative of the people in Assadabad said, “The largest stone paper factory with the production capacity of 20 thousand tons and an investment of 100 billion Tomans will be built in this town.”

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According to Tasnim News Agency from Assadabad, Akbar Ranjbarzadeh stated in the team work of occupation and investment of the town, “At present, the construction of the factory is in the stage of designing the layout and feasibility study, after completing these stages, the factory will be established in the industrial park of the town with the cooperation of private and governmental sectors.”
Stating that the construction of paper making mill in Assadabad will have effective role in preserving the environment and preventing from cutting trees, he said, “The establishment of the factory will directly provide employment for 200 people.”
Announcing the ground-breaking and the start of executive operations of constructing an aluminum car wheel manufacturing factory in Assadabad in near future, Ranjbarzadeh stated, “At present, to start the executive operations of this factory, two companies have been founded and a team of three experts have been dispatched to purchase the equipment and the technology required by the factory to China, afterwards the executive operations will begin.”
He added, “The opening and the operation of the above plant will provide employment for 1000 people directly and 3000 people indirectly.”
Assadabad governor, announcing the health oriented tourist plans in the town, said, “The target village of Malahmadreh and Assadabad Col have suitable potential to implement health tourist projects. If an investor has a plan in this area, the applicant’s proposal will be supported and welcomed by paying the required facilities.”
Stating that the number of facilities for comprehensive and rural employment has increased, Karim Hamidvand noted, “The increase in the number of facilities for rural and comprehensive employment has facilitated the process of giving the facilities from the town allocations and will speed up the maximum absorption of these unique facilities.”
He also stated, “Since the beginning of the year, 181 new insured people have been registered by the town Social Security Organization.”

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