Shariatmadari: The ceiling rate of 4100Tomans was determined for the paper sales

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The Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade announced a ceiling rate for the sales of paper on the market.

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According to the parliament reporter of Tasnim quoting the House of Nation, Shariatmadari – The Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade-, referring to his presence in today (Tuesday August 6) meeting of the Cultural Commission of the parliament, said, “Today agenda of the commission was to address the situation of paper market. The issue was considered from various aspects including paying attention to domestic paper production, especially manufacturing paper from calcium carbonate (without wood consumption).
Stating that special attention should paid to environmental issue while manufacturing paper due to the country’s forest restrictions, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said, “We have to import wood and other methods for this purpose which was supported and helped by the Cultural Commission.”
Stating that theovernement pol fluctuation of exchange rate has had an impact on paper market, Shariatmadari added, “We expect the condition of paper market to be improved with the implementation of government’s  new policy on exchange rate package and hope we will be able to control the market along with other decisions.”
Pointing to the occurrence of profiteering due to the fluctuations of the exchange rate, he said, “The governmental sanctions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice have practically enforced on the exchange rate market to deal with the profiteers decisively.”
Shariatmadari stated, “On the other hand, the Regulatory commission of the market  has been formed for the issue of paper and determined and approved the ceiling rate of paper sales to be 4100Tomans on the market, and any violations in this field and expensive sales on the market will be considered illegal.”
Reminding that all monitoring teams including the organization of sanctions and the organization of supporting consumers and producers will monitor the market in this respect, the Minister of Industry, Mine and trade noted, “Keeping paper in stock and hoarding paper in the warehouses are considered illegal because the importers and manufacturers are identifiable. The ones who commit violations in this field will be dealt with seriously and will be brought to justice.”
Shariatmadari added, “The surveys showed that over 105 thousand tons of paper are being cleared from the customs in the country, 35 thousand of which has been imported by opening L/C and the rest has been provided from the credit facility of last year which will be distributed.”
He added, “In coordination with the Central Bank, it was also announced that all orders, which were approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and which are awaiting for the supply of credit in the Central Bank, will be definitely funded.
The member of the 12th government cabinet, stating that many paper cargo are being distributed on the market, hoped that the tranquility would gradually return the market, especially in this occasion which is marked for the journalists; we would experience the tranquility of press paper and newsprint.

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