Two unrecognizable companies have received governmental foreign currency but have not imported paper?!

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The report on two unrecognizable companies receiving governmental foreign currency without importing paper was presented in the 4th session of the Organizing Paper Committee by the security section of the Press Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

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According to Mehr News Agency quoting from the informative center of the Press Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the 4th session of the Organizing Newsprint Paper Committee was held in the presence of some foreign companies active in Iran and the paper importers in the Building of the Press Deputy.
At the end of the meeting, Mohammad Reza Darbandi, the director general of the press, the internal news agencies and the spokesman for the Organizing Newsprint Paper Committee, said, “At the yesterday meeting in the presence of some of the managers of domestic newspapers, while discussing some demands for the paper imports, a report was presented on the measures taken during the previous week including the consultation with the directors of two banks on providing facilities for the newspapers and importers approved by the Committee.”
He added, “Moreover, the demands of some newspapers for the amount of the required paper until the end of the year and the feasibility to supply the requirements were discussed.”
Darbandi added, ” In addition, other issues were discussed in the meeting including the problems of supplying the governmental foreign currency, the liquidity problem, the latest report on the status of paper importers using governmental foreign currency, the presentation of the report of distributing imported paper until the next week, consulting with the Ministry of Industry on the removal of some barriers, carrying out more coordination to expedite the allocation of credits from the Central Bank, speeding up the production of Mazandaran paper, discussing the evaluation about the possible problems with the transportation of imported paper.”
According to the spokesman of the Organizing Newsprint Paper Committee, some proposal were offered by the paper importers on the usable paper consignments and/ or the order registered consignments in the meeting, too. Moreover, the report presented by the security section on the condition of two unrecognizable companies receiving the governmental foreign currency without importing paper as well as the complaints of some media managers and importers about the barriers at the customs which should be coordinated better were discussed at the meeting.
Darbandi reminded, “With regard to the increase in the import demands and the need to removing the problem of supplying paper for some press companies, it was decided that the next meeting of the Committee will be held on the next Sunday in order to accelerate the implementation of all the issues discussed in the yesterday meeting. Moreover, the decision on some requests of importing paper was postponed to the next meeting in order to have more specialized consideration on them.”

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