Places you shouldn’t miss in Zhouzhuang

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In addition to the signature attractions such as Shen House, Zhang House and the Twins Bridges, visitors to Zhouzhuang, one of the most famous water towns in China, still couldn’t miss the following three places.

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Zhouzhaung Carton King Creativity Park
Zhouzhaung Carton King Creativity Park, unlike what the name suggested, is not really a “park”. Instead, the Carton King Creativity Park is a nice little garden decorated with things made by corrugated paper. Inside the garden, there is a themed restaurant, cafe and souvenir shop for the patrons.
Paper is durable and environmentally friendly. Zhouzhuang Carton King Creativity Park is the first branch of Taiwan Carton King on the Chinese mainland. In Taiwan, this famous enterprise already has 13 theme parks and stores. Its paper designs have been highly praised in a world gift and toy exhibition.
There are several things visitors shouldn’t miss while visiting the water town, that is, Shen House, a sculling boat, Wansan pork shank and granny tea.
In the paper-made Shen House in the Zhouzhuang Carton King Creativity Park stands a large paper carving of Shen Wansan, a legendary businessman during the early Ming Dynasty. [Photo provided to]

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