The achievements of e-customs in the field of online services

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In recent years, Iran's customs have taken different measures one of the most important of which was the electronic customization of the customs which brought some achievements in this field.

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According to ISNA, following the launch of electronic customs services, a major part of customs services are carried out online based on which the service receivers can carry out customs formalities for the exported, transit, and imported goods online around the clock without the necessity to be present in person and declare their cargo to the customs.  
The target of the 24-hour online services was to eliminate personal inquiries, to respect the citizenship rights, to facilitate trade, and to remove paper from the process of customs formalities all of which were impossible before electronic customs services. 
At present, the services for exports, imports, and transit at the customs of Iran are online, and the service receivers should only personally refer to the nearest customs once to receive a username and password so that they will be able to carry out all customs formalities for export, import, and transit online through the trans-boundary trade unit link of the customs portal. 
Moreover, other important customs services through which people can find out the real price, brand, and the country of origin of all imported goods are available online to all citizens so that they do not buy similar (fake) products expensively. 
On the other hand, it is possible for the real people to be aware of the authenticity of their mobile through e-customs; they can send sms the imei of their mobiles at 30008887 or visit the customs website to make sure their mobile has not been smuggled.
E- Customs has provided the conditions for the manufacturers to have connections with big merchants of the country in order to export their products easily. This service can now be obtained through the portal entitled market and the improvement of business environment. 
This website has provided the possibility for the purchasers to inquire the customs license to make sure whether goods have been imported legally through customs or smuggled which is available to public. 
The value system has been created for the security and transparency of business by visiting the value of imported goods and their value changes instantaneously. 
What goods are being entered the country has been provided through this website.
Everyone can criticize the process of customs formalities and the clearance of the goods by the help of Complaint System and register or follow it online.
All correspondence can be made with the customs all over Iran through the official customs portal without the need to refer in person; the correspondence can be followed up and find the latest measures on customs website.

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