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The head of Environmental Protection Organization, stressing the importance of environmental licensing system, said, "We hope to make our country's economic growth green so that the graph of destruction and pollution will be separated from development."

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According to Mehr News Agency, at the launch ceremony of the system of issuing environmental permits, the head of Environmental Protection Organization and the Vice President said, "We hope to make our country's economic growth green while our economy grows at the same acceleration, but the graph of destruction and pollution will be separated from that of development."  
Massoumeh Ebtekar added, "The step being taken today is a very great and valuable step to improve the business atmosphere which leads to private sector's participation and contribution."
She emphasized, "We should thank the ones who provided the conditions to take another step towards e-government because from our point of view, it has a great environmental importance."
 The head of Environmental Protection Organization pointed out, "The system portal provides notification and transparency in the licensing process which is a great step because individuals may take actions and do not know what problems they will cause for environment and what conflicts their measures have with the laws. Moreover, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the decrease in paper consumption are among its important results. We hope to reduce the paper consumption in many processes of government services." 
Ebtekar continued, "Another important result of this portal is administrative health and reduction of corruption possibility in the processes, especially in cases like "gold signatures" which may divert the normal process if required attention is not paid to it. Therefore, it is an important step in the field of administrative health."
Ebtekar emphasized, "The issue of the licenses for the establishment of industrial, manufacturing, and service units is among the important affairs which are carried out in the Organization of Environment, and we try to organize it more than before."
She added, "The process of evaluating environment has fully been revised and strengthened. At present, the assessment of environmental impacts is the link between environment and the development which can reduce environmental damages."
The Vice President continued, "Fortunately, we have seriously organized the issue of licenses for hunting and fishing. In the 11th government, we no longer issue the license to hunt four feet animals without enough management as before. We have stopped the issuance of hunting four feet animals apart from special cases which are in special protection areas dedicated to breeding wildlife by private sector."

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